Single Size Mattress

Single Size Mattress

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Variant: Queen Size

Brand: Sleepwell, Starlite, Kurlon or equivalent

Dimensions: 75”L X 36”B X 4”H

Full foam filling for support

Easy to carry


Installation Requirements:

Kindly identify a designated place for installation before the product is delivered to ensure hassle free installation and immediate use.


Instructions for use:

1.    Rotate the mattress at periodic intervals, at least once a quarter

2.    Avoid usage of harsh chemicals for cleaning

3.    Periodic maintenance helps in increasing the durability

4.    Advisable to use washable mattress protective cover (bed cover)

5.    Mattress cover protects against accidental spills and stains

6.    Keep away from direct sunlight to avoid fading of wood

7.    Always place the mattress on the cot or mat with protective cover

8.    Avoid jumping or bouncing on the mattress


Product Story:

Foam mattresses have their roots in NASA technology. The earliest foam mattresses were developed in the 1960s by NASA scientists to improve cushioning and crash protection in aircraft seats. This technology later evolved and is now commonly used in mattresses for its pressure-relieving properties. For private individuals, or for people living alone, a single bed provides just the right amount of sleeping space without excess. It's a practical choice for those who are sensitive to motion or prefer to have their sleeping space undisturbed and wish a restful night's sleep. On an average, one spends 30% of life on the bed. Wouldn't you want to make sure that such 30% life is comfortable? Look nowhere, rent a full foam queen size mattress from payrentz to carry all the goodness home. 

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