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Machine Weight: 50 Kgs

Max User Weight: 110 Kgs

Approx. dimension: 65”L X 30”W X 50”H

Foldable: Yes, suitable for home use

Brand: Stayfit, Maxpro or equivalent

Monitors distance, time, calories and others


Installation Requirements:

Kindly ensure that the power connection and space is identified before the product is delivered to ensure hassle free installation and immediate use.


Instructions for use:

1.    Check your vitals and/or consult your doctor before starting workout

2.    Do place the machine indoors and position it on a clear and level surface

3.    Always start the machine when you are standing on the sides of the frame

4.    Wear appropriate clothing, avoid loose and long clothes

5.    Keep children and pets away while you start workout

6.    Hold the hand rails until you become familiar with the machine

7.    Switch off when the equipment is not in use

8.    The treadmill is suitable for adults


Product Story:

Treadmill remains a mainstay in the gyms and commonly used fitness equipment at home. The concept can be traced back to ancient romans version called tread wheel to lift heavy objects. It provides the advantage of low-impact running, cushioned running surfaces, reducing the impact on joints and the comfort of indoor workout regardless of the weather conditions. Beyond home environment, treadmill these days are integrated to virtual reality to add an element of entertainment and at office integrated with computers to promote walking meeting. Wish to enhance your workout? You are in the right place to rent a treadmill home. 

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