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Equipment Weight: 25 Kgs

Weight Supported: 115 Kgs

Brand: Astra, Hercules or equivalent

Approx. dimension: 48”W X 30”D X 60” H

Multiple levels to suit workout intensity

Monitors distance, time, calories and others


Installation Requirements:

Kindly ensure that the power connection and space is identified before the product is delivered to ensure hassle free installation and immediate use.


Instructions for use:

1.    Do place the machine indoors and position it on a clear and level surface

2.    Wear appropriate clothing, avoid loose and long clothes

3.    Adjust the level of the seat to your hip level

4.    Use pedal straps for a strong and safe ride

5.    Maintain upright position and stretch your lower body after workout

6.    Tighten the pedals and bottom bracket when you feel vibration

7.    Hop on to the bike and enjoy your rental journey with payrentz


Product Story:

Exercise bike is incredibly fun and it strengthens your lungs and heart. When you firm up on an exercise program, the key is finding something you enjoy and interesting. Exercise bikes provide a minimal joint strain, low-impact cardiovascular aerobic workout but still helps you work up a sweat and improve your fitness level. Stationary bikes are a great choice for beginners. Short sessions on the bike can be as beneficial as pedaling a bicycle. The stationary bikes combine effective resistance, user-friendly design, and are durable enough to withstand repeated use. Ever wondered how can a stationary bike can take you places? You are in the right place to find out, rent an exercise bike home and pedal your way to fitness. 

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