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This Package includes a 43" LED Smart TV, 3-Seater Wooden Sofa, 4-Seater Dining Table and Coffee Table.

43" LED Smart TV


Specifications: 43” Screen|~Dimension: 38”W X 7”D X 24”H | Brand: TCL/equivalent


Installation Requirements: Stable power connection | Use stabilizer if necessary


Instructions for use: Ensure proper ventilation | Place away from direct sunlight | Dust screen only with soft / dry cloth | Refrain using chemicals to clean the screen


Installation Requirements:

Kindly ensure that the power connection, inlet water supply and outlet drain provisions are in place before the product is delivered to ensure hassle free installation and immediate use.


3-Seater Wooden Sofa Approx. dimension: 72”L X 30”B X 36”H


Wooden Coffee Table Approx. dimension: 36”L X 24”B X 20”H


4-Seater Dining Table Approx. dimension: 45”L X 28”B X 30”H


Furniture Specifications:

Solid wood; Sturdy and durable

Colour: Teak, Mahogany, Walnut

Dining table with 4 Chairs


Instructions for furniture use:

1.    Avoid placing furniture directly in contact with water

2.    Do not expose cot to direct sunlight and high humidity environment

3.    Wipe up any spills immediately to prevent stains or warping

4.    Do not drag the furniture for repositioning within the room

5.    Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners


Furniture Installation Requirements:

Kindly identify a designated place for installation before the furniture is delivered to ensure hassle free installation and immediate use.

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