Double Door Refrigerator

Double Door Refrigerator

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Capacity: 230L to 250L

Approx. dimension: 24”W X 24”D X 60”H

Brand: Haier, Samsung, Whirlpool or equivalent

Cooling Type: Frost Free

Configuration: Freezer on Top

Installation Type: Free Standing


Installation Requirements:

Kindly ensure that a stable power connection is in place before the product is delivered to ensure hassle free installation and immediate use. Please use a stabilizer in case of frequent voltage fluctuations.


Instructions for use:

1.    Keep the door closed after use.

2.    Ensure to not block the vents while storage.

3.    Do not refrigerate oversized items.

4.    Defrost as and when required.

5.    Place the items with a cover and organize as per container size.

6.    Store warm food and drinks after they attain room temperature.  

7.    Do not expose refrigerator to direct sunlight or heat from stove. 

8.    That’s a cool decision to rent a refrigerator from payrentz


Product Story:

Works of many inventors from 1800s led to the use and rise of refrigerators at home in the late 1920s. In India, refrigerators, colloquially fridge, gained popularity during the late 1970s and it has now blossomed in every household as a necessity than luxury. Indian government rightfully decided to remove refrigerators from the luxury goods category during the economic liberalization. Refrigerators eliminates hours of preparatory work before cooking and daily trip to shops. Like many, apart from food storage, do you love the cool breeze whenever the door is opened? You are in the right place to rent quality double door refrigerator home. 

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