43" LED Smart TV

43" LED Smart TV

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Capacity: 43”

Approx. dimension: 38”W X 8”D X 24”H 

Brand: TCL or equivalent

Display Screen Type: LED

Installation Type: Wall Mount or Table Mount

Installation Requirements:

Kindly decide on wall mount or table mount installation and identify the place or table for installation. Ensure that stable power connection is in place before the product is delivered to ensure hassle free installation and immediate use. Please use a stabilizer in case of frequent voltage fluctuations.


Instructions for use:

1.Ensure proper ventilation for the TV

2.Place it away from direct sunlight or extreme temperature

3.For TV updates, follow on-screen prompts to download and install

4.Refrain from using chemicals to clean the TV screen and exterior

5.Dust the screen only with soft and dry cloth 

6.Ensure that your Smart TV is connected to a secure Wi-Fi network

7.Follow proper shutdown procedure; do not switch off abruptly

8.Rent a Smart TV from payrentz, look at the big picture 

Product Story:

Origin of TV is a fascinating journey that spans several decades and innumerable inventors. While black and white television dominated for few decades, it was only during 1970s color TVs were available. First remote was named ‘Lazy Bones’, a TV enthusiast was called ‘Couch Potato’, and to kick them all emerged ‘Smart’ Television in the early 2010s. Apart from streaming popular OTT platforms and TV shows, Smart TVs mirror and cast your smartphone, tablet or laptop and present it wirelessly on your screen. Planning to create an environment which allows you to work and enjoy? You are in the right place to rent a Smart TV home.

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