20 L Convection Microwave

20 L Convection Microwave

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Capacity: 20L 

Approx. dimension: 18”B X 15”D X 11”H 

Brand: Whirlpool, LG, IFB or equivalent

Cooking Mode: Convection

Installation Type: Counter Top

Installation Requirements:

Kindly ensure that the power connection is in place before the product is delivered to ensure hassle free installation and immediate use.


Instructions for use:

1.Ensure to close the door properly before use

2.Do not heat food and liquid in sealed containers

3.Avoid heating food in plastic covers or paper containers

4.Clean regularly and remove food deposits if any

5.Do not use harsh abrasives or sharp metal scrappers to clean

6.Do not boil whole eggs in microwave oven

7.Do not defrost frozen beverages in narrow neck bottles

8.Metallic containers are not allowed during microwave cooking

9.Use utensils that are suitable for use in microwave 

Product Story:

Microwave, the culinary wizard of kitchen, though accidentally, started its journey with a sweet, a candy bar. The first food cooked deliberately was popcorn. Thanks to the versatility, it has become the unsung hero of convenience cuisine of every home chef. With just a few simple ingredients and push of a button, anyone can whip up a five-star gourmet meal. It's like having a personal chef on standby 24/7! It also offers the opportunity to cook varieties which otherwise one avoids, especially in the area of snacks and quick bites. With its magical powers and endless possibilities, it's no wonder we're all hooked on its delicious delights. Do you want to try different recipes and also faster? You are in the right place to rent a Microwave oven home.

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