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PayRentz offers 190L Refrigerator / Fridge Rental in Chennai, Coimbatore and Bangalore. Refrigerators have become important appliances in every event to welcome visitors with Chill water or beverages making it a necessity rather than a luxury. In today's scenario lot of us require the refrigerator's coolness apart from just water in our events Yes, you would also love to feel the chillness when you pull open a door and grab a bottle of juice / beverages and let the coolness flow down your dry throat. Are you a event manager or client like to receive your guests with a welcome drink, Chocolate or smoothie ? You are in the right place to rent refrigerators for your events and welcome the right product to your venue. From PayRentz if you rent Fridge in Chennai you can be rest assured about its quality, timely delivery and its performance. Renting fridge is always smart act. Go for it.


Product Single Door Refrigerator
Capacity 190 Liters
Brand Leading Brands / Based on availability
Colour May Vary / Based on availability
Standard Delivery and Installation Free