Why Rent

Why Rent

Wondering whether rental is advisable? Absolutely. Renting is a great idea and the new mantra, we tell you why. Go for it.

Helps your wallet

Renting eliminates the upfront costs of buying products and helps you to maintain liquidity and healthy cash flow. You pay monthly rent to PayRentz for the products rented as you pay for your monthly utility bills. Renting with PayRentz also means that you need not postpone your decision to posses the desired product of your choice.

Rent to Own

We strive to make sure you have a remarkable experience with our product at all times. As a distinct advantage with PayRentz, you can choose to own the product after a minimum rental period of 3 months. Exercising the option to buy provides you continuity of product and at a price that is reasonable and attractive. As an additional benefit, we would continue to provide service support for a period of 6 months from the time you buy the product.

Saves Time

In the process of finding the right product and model, are you researching all available ecommerce portals for a great deal and burning your time or your family time? Stop! Call PayRentz and leave the problem to us. We help you to make an informed choice quickly and furnish your place to your expectation.

Service and Maintenance

Imagine the hassles of talking to multiple call centre executives and requesting them for servicing your various products, not everybody likes it and has the luxury of time. Rent from PayRentz and call us for any service issues on our products. Our service team will attend to the issues at your convenience.


What more? PayRentz will provide an alternate product in the interim, if our service team identifies an issue which requires more time to resolve. We believe that our clients should have uninterrupted experience of the products rented from PayRentz.

People on the Move

Take on the life's challenge of tossing you from once place to another. Leaving home for a new place, relocating often? PayRentz is here to help. You can have what you need now and choose to rent for a period that suits you.

Upgrade Periodically

Gone are those days where you grew up with the same TV or Refrigerator for years together. With technology moving at such a rapid pace, renting makes perfect sense. Why buy when it could be outdated in a couple of years.

Happy Family

Need a second TV or Microwave or Refrigerator for your parents or children or yourself? Renting is the obvious choice, since the additional rental product offered by PayRentz can be returned after the desired rental period.

Gift your loved ones

Now, you need not wait to see your loved ones smile. Rent a desired product immediately than postponing the decision to purchase it. Call PayRentz to install the rental product for your family even if you are abroad or away on work. Planning to donate products for a cause (Home for Children, Old age home, Community gym, Contribution to alma mater etc), you need not necessarily buy, you can rent it too. Call PayRentz to install and manage the rental product on your behalf.