Where to rent fridge in Coimbatore?

Where to rent fridge in Coimbatore?  If you have this question in your mind then PayRentz is the best place to rent fridge in Coimbatore. PayRentz a leading home appliances rental company in Coimbatore offers 190L Single door fridge on rent with door delivery and service support.

Fridge being one of the most commonly used house hold appliances it helps people to preserve food, since most people shop during weekend it helps customers to preserve vegetables, fruits, dairy products and meat.  These days fridge are highly energy efficient.

Fridge on rent – 190L Single door fridge can accommodate provisions for a week. Since it has separate freezer box, vegetable box, egg tray, ice tray, adjustable tray, Chiller tray and beverages section. This model fridge can accommodate frozen products, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, favorite drink, etc.

Rent Rs.600 per month, Security deposit Rs.1200 and handling Charges Rs.600. Initially customer has to pay only security deposit and handling Charges. Rent is post paid. Minimum rental period is three months. Maximum is your convenience. Security deposit is refundable.

For more details to rent fridge in Coimbatore call 8939581818 to rent fridge online click here.


Rent Fridge online – Rent fridge from PayRentz call 8939581818

PayRentz offers rental fridge for Rs.500 per month. 190L Single door fridge with door delivery and installation.

Rent Rs.500 per Month
Security deposit Rs.1000(Refundable )
Handling Charges Rs.500 (One Time)
Duration Minimum rental period is 3 months, Maximum is your convenience.
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Refrigerator for rent






Customers are smart and expecting convenience these days. Especially in travel, stay and relocation for sure customers need quality service, proper guidance and convenience.  Home appliances rental is one such convenience. But opting rental appliances you can just land in your new city with your back pack and start rent fridge and washing machine to desired months and comfortably stay for your carrier, studies, projects and vacation. etc.

Fridges and washing machine are most essential appliances for any body and for any home. PayRentz offers 190L single door fridge and 6Kg Top load washing Machine on rent, which is suitable for bachelors, young couple and small family.  Apart from fridge and washing machine customers can rent appliances like AC, Microwave oven, TV too.

Refrigerators being one of the essential appliances it help to preserve a week’s provisions right from dairy products, vegetables, fruits, favorite drinks and frozen foods.  Fridge leasing is one of the smart act as you can upgrade the fridge whenever you want and service is completely taken by PayRentz at free of cost.

PayRentz have dedicated service centers at Velachery, Mylapore and Thiruvanmiyur to handle customers calls and service.  From these location we cater throughout Chennai city. For more details call 8939581818 or mail to rent@payrentz.com or visit bit.ly/3n5TEid to rent now!

Rent fridge in Mylapore

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PayRentz offers fridge on rent in Mylapore at Rs.500 per month.

PayRentz a leading rental appliances company in Chennai provides 190L fridge single door in Mylapore at affordable rent with door delivery and service support.

Rent Rs.500 per month, Refundable security deposit Rs.1000/- . Currently PayRentz offers door delivery and pickup at free of cost within city limits.

with simple documents, various online payment options, at present free delivery, branded fridge, professional approach renting fridge at Royapettah, Mylapore and Mandaveli areas is highly convenient from PayRentz

Mylapore being the cultural hub of Chennai is one of the oldest and important residential areas in Chennai. surrounded by significant areas like Mandaveli,  Raja Annamalaipuram, santhome, Royapettah and Alwarpet.

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Fridge for rent in Mylapore

To rent fridge click here or call 8939581818 or mail to rent@payrentz.com .

PayRentz offers appliances rental in all other above said residential areas too. Especially when NRI’s visit these areas  during december many NRI’s take fridge rental at Mandaveli from PayRentz.  Even many NRI carnatic singers stays around sabhas mainly in TTK road, Alwarpet  near Naradha Gana sabha, Music academy use to rent fridge from PayRentz.

Raja Annamalaipuram being one of the favorite residential areas for expatriates throughout the year PayRentz offers fridge rental in RA Puram. with many temples in and around Mylapore. Many devotees stay in Mylaore, Mandaveli and Alwarpet areas to worship Hindu gods during december will January 15th that is till Pongal festival.


Fridge and washing machine on rent

Small fridge, Top load washing Machine

PayRentz provides fridge and washing machine on rent in Chennai at Rs.1200 per month.  PayRentz offers 190L fridge single door and 6Kg top load fully automatic washing Machine on rent with free delivery and pickup.

Small fridge, Top load washing Machine
Rent Fridge & Washing Machine in Combo

Rent Rs.1200 per month for both fridge and washing Machine, refundable security deposit Rs.2400/- , handling Charges (delivery & Pickup) free at present.  PayRentz offers these branded and quality appliances with free service support too.

If you are bachelor, staying alone or with friends, young couple and small family then renting fridge and washing machine from Payrentz is the best option in Chennai.  Click here to rent now or call 8939581818 or mail to rent@payrentz.com.

Refrigerator on hire,

PayRentz offers Refrigerator on hire in Chennai, Coimbatore and Bangalore. 190L, Single door refrigerator  can be offered on monthly rent.  Leading brand Refrigerator’s will be provided.

colour and brand are based on stock. for more details please call the below number.


For more details visit www.payrentz.com   (or)   call +91 89395 81818 or write to rent@payrentz.com

PayRentz specializes in providing rental solutions to clients by offering a wide range of Home Appliances, Home Entertainment, Laptop, Furniture and Fitness Products on rent in Chennai, Coimbatore & Bangalore. Our objective is to make life easy for clients by offering customized rental solutions which includes speedy delivery, assistance in transportation,  quality installations, flexible payment options and prompt service delivery.