Washing Machine

Washing Machine is one of the greatest invention and it is ranked as one of the most important household appliance. The device has totally transformed the way women, and consequently men, live. Experts say washing machine usage has helped people to engage in lot of other work which eventually helps the country's economy.

Do you wish to spend your quality time in more productive activities than washing? Are you a small family? You are in the right place to choose and welcome the right product home. Renting is the new mantra.. Go for it.

Product : Fully Automatic Washing Machine
Capacity : 6 Kgs - Top Load
Brand : Leading Brands / Based on availability
Colour : May Vary / Based on availability
Processing Charges : Rs. 500 (One time Non-Refundable)
Rental Deposit : Rs. 1,400 (Refundable)
Standard Delivery and Installation: Free