Sound Bar 2.1

You may want to call it "Skinny" Home theatre. Not everyone wants a clunky 5.1 surround sound system for their bedroom or main system. Some people want a solution that is sleek and that just fits but yet produces a good sound.

Sound Bar with Its compact size avoids any clutter, and it is sleek & easy to connect. Simply connect it to your TV to give you a virtual 3D cinematic sound and experience

Product : Sound Bar
Capacity : 2.1 Surround System

Tenor Rent / Month Refundable Security Deposit
3 Months 800 2,400
6 Months 700 2,100
9 Months 600 1,800
12 Months 500 1,500

# Note :
Processing Fees : Rs. 600 per product (Non-Refundable)
All charges quoted above are inclusive of applicable taxes