Double Door Refrigerator

Refrigerators have blossomed in every household making it a necessity rather than a luxury. In today's scenario lot of us require the refrigerator’s coolness apart from the grocery, dairy, fruits and vegetables. Yes, you would also love to feel the chillness when you pull open a door and grab a bottle of water / juice and let the coolness flow down your dry throat.

Do you make a big shopping trip once a week? Do you prefer to stock up on bulk purchases? Are you a family of 4-6? You are in the right place to choose and welcome the right product home. Renting is the new mantra.. Go for it.

Product : Double Door Refrigerator
Capacity : 240 Litres

Tenor Rent / Month Refundable Security Deposit
3 Months 1,152 2,700
6 Months 1,088 2,550
9 Months 1,050 2,460
12 Months 998 2,340

# Note :
Processing Fees : Rs. 600 per product (Non-Refundable)
All charges quoted above are inclusive of applicable taxes