People say it is good to start with a sweet, interestingly, the first food microwaved, though accidentally, was a Chocolate. Deliberately, the first food cooked was popcorn followed by an egg. Thanks to the versatility, Microwave has become the most popular kitchen appliance and favorite appliance of every home chef. 90% of the households in the developed countries have a microwave. Microwave not only helps to cook food quickly and serve it hot every time, it also offers the opportunity to cook varieties which otherwise we don’t make because of their busy lifestyles, especially in the area of snacks and quick bites.

Microwave ovens are good for much more than just reheating leftovers or cooking a frozen dinner. Do you want to try different recipes and also faster? Are you part of a large family, you are in the right place to choose and welcome the right product home. Renting is the new mantra.. Go for it.

Product : Microwave Oven - Convection
Capacity : 25 L
Brand : Leading Brands / Based on availability
Colour : May Vary / Based on availability
Processing Charges : Rs. 500 (One time Non-Refundable)
Rental Deposit : Rs. 2,400 (Refundable)
Standard Delivery and Installation: Free