Mixer / Grinder

A food processor makes kitchen life easier and more enjoyable. This appliance saves lot of labor, reduces injury, encourages healthy eating, prepares food faster, allows to experiment with new dishes, and finally doesn’t permit you to cry anymore (because of Onions), literally too !

Food Processor is a must have irrespective of your kitchen size. The multi-tasking kitchen tool perfectly suits you, the new age quintessential multitasker. Wondering how your colleague or friend manages to showcase a good salad every day. You are in the right place to identify the answer and welcome the friendly product home. Renting is the new mantra.. Go for it.

Product : Mixer / Grinder
Capacity : NA

Tenor Rent / Month Refundable Security Deposit
3 Months 576 1,350
6 Months 544 1,275
9 Months 525 1,230
12 Months 499 1,170

# Note :
Processing Fees : Rs. 600 per product (Non-Refundable)
All charges quoted above are inclusive of applicable taxes