Wooden Single Cot

Studies have shown sleep-deprived people appeared less healthy and less attractive than they did when rested. On an averge it is estimated that we spend 30% of our life on the bed. That makes it a whopping 20 years for a person living upto age 70!!! Wouldnt you want to make sure that such 30% life is comfortable? Never compromise on a good quality cot/Bed. Heres a cot for you made of Teak wood with an elegant design.

You are in the right place to choose and welcome the right product home. Renting is the new mantra.. Go for it.

Product : Single Wooden Cot
Size : 6 ft X 3 ft
Brand : Leading Brands / Based on availability
Colour : May Vary / Based on availability
Processing Charges : Rs. 500 (One time Non-Refundable)
Rental Deposit : Rs. 1,250 (Refundable)
Standard Delivery and Installation: Free