TV Unit

We bet you will enjoy looking at this unit even without the TV on!!

Living room is like heart and soul for a home and TV unit is an indepensable item of living room. Our TV Units makes sure there is no clutter and things look good when placed on it. You my chose to display snaps of you have done and where you have been on the shelves of the Unit. They give you space to showcase what you are!

You are in the right place to choose and welcome the right product home. Renting is the new mantra.. Go for it.

Product : Wooden TV Unit With Drawer
Size : 6 ft X 2 ft (May Vary)  
Brand : Leading Brands / Based on availability
Colour : May Vary / Based on availability
Processing Charges : Rs. 500 (One time Non-Refundable)
Rental Deposit : Rs. 1,250 (Refundable)
Standard Delivery and Installation: Free